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Heintzberger | Payne Advisors makes ongoing, significant investments in technology, affecting both client service operations "behind the scene" and our communications with clients. Our commitment to technology extends to the maintenance of a full-time programming staff. Our programmers take industry-standard software and customize it to enhance our investment analysis, to reduce delivery time, and to integrate the process into our proprietary data systems. We currently leverage technology to:

  • Enhance our investment analysis of securities owned by our clients as well as their overall portfolios
  • Ensure compliance of portfolio management to investment policy, and to communicate important fiduciary information quickly to our clients
  • Maximize efficiencies in all our processes in order to increase staff availability for client service
  • Post daily to our website, for client access, updates of account valuations, year-to-date performance calculations of the portfolio as a whole, asset class exposure and by security, a listing of transactions with annotations of deposits and withdrawals, the calculation of realized gains and losses fiscal year-to-date, and other information of value to our clients
  • Consolidate client portfolio information from multiple custodians and within multiple accounts for "big picture" analysis, consultation and reporting
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry with direct electronic feeds of transactions and positions from the custodians of client assets, thus minimizing the chance for human error in reporting, ensuring the integrity of our database and increasing the speed with which we can send reports to clients