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Financial Planning

Although private clients tend to have smaller amounts of assets to manage than do our retirement plan or foundation clients, the issues impacting the development of their investment strategy are more numerous and potentially much more complex. There can be several financial objectives: ensuring retirement income, saving for college educations, debt reduction, wealth transfers, care for elderly parents or children with challenges, long-term medical care—just to name a few.

Heintzberger | Payne Advisors believes that no decision about the management of assets can take place until we have a clear understanding of the various objectives the portfolio must accomplish. This requires us to clearly understand the client's circumstances and goals, and then to quantify those goals as funding requirements. How much money will be needed and when will it be needed?

Heintzberger | Payne Advisors has a deep understanding of income and estate tax issues, enabling us to either give specific direction on more common issues generally affecting all private clients, or to work closely with tax and legal experts to develop an investment strategy appropriate for an individual client's circumstances.

Financial planning is the first step towards successful investment management. When a client's financial goals and objectives are quantified, then, and only then, can Heintzberger | Payne Advisors make specific recommendations for the management of the portfolio.